Welcome, here you find a small resume of what I am doing or I have done in my recent past, please enjoy.

I operate on the research activities within private and public institutions, giving support to the visualization of patterns emerging from complex phenomena and to the creation of expressive graphical representations of big databases.

I interpret Data Visualization as a research process, driven by images generated out of data. The computational power we have nowadays allows for a rapid and accurate graphic processing of information, which is able to immediately highlight hidden knowledge on raw data. Eventually, the whole process ends up with a well-finished interactive visualization, beautifully designed with state of art tecnology like SVG and D3.js.

If you want to see some pics, have a look at this, or just follow the links below.

Open Source Projects

Data Visualization Projects

Client Projects

Conference talks


I usually post tech stuff or thoughts on codepen or github. Also, have a look at this pinterest dashboard, full of pics from my latest projects.

Teaching Activities

Scientific Publications