SeREMI: Ggraphical representations of epidemiological data.

SSepi-SeREMI is part the italian healthcare network and represents a reference for information exchange between epidemiological survey services and the population. Moreover it provides consulting and education activities in order to organize local prevention strategies and to realize quantitative epidemiological studies.

My contribution to the project has been the design and development of customized graphical representations of specific datasets. I focused mainly on creating efficient visualizations, complete and easy to read for a generic audience.

The visualizations will adapt to different datasets and therefore they can be handily reused. Moreover the library has been developed in order to interface with a Drupal environment, where data are stored.

The project has been requested by the SSepi-SeREMI epidemiology service and the Zadig editorial company. It has been developed in collaboration with Sergio Cima (Zadig) and Studio Demade.

The figure below is a case example of a highly customized graphical representation, the visualization has been created from scratch according to the customer needs. On the example a couple of dataset with different scales on the y-axis are shown one above the other in order to highlight emerging patterns on the time series.