IRM: Visualization of the Italian Research Map database.

The database Italian Research Map (IRM) collects the data relative to the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (FP7).

The 173 Countries admitted to FP7 research programme hold more than 100,000 project partecipations altogether.

Projects can be grouped according to contractors, i.e. partners collaborating to the projects, theme and year of start.

The three type of selections can be combined, offering a higher freedom during the exploration of the dataset. Many of the questions related a given contractor can be answered by visual interaction, being all possible combinations of partners - themes - years be covered. Themes, partners and year of start can be selected and combined in order to answer at questions like "What are the main partners during 2014 for projects related to ICT?"

The interactive dashboard has been requested by the Zadig editorial company, and developed in collaboration with Sergio Cima (Zadig) and Paolo Griselli (Studio Demade).

Data are provided by the European Union, through the CORDIS data portal.